Massive underground machinery for Evergreen line.

Burquitlam-Station-SkyTrain-Evergreen-LineNear the end of 2013, a massive (read: 1,200 tonne, 10 metre wide) underground tunnel boring machine will start arriving to create over 2 kilometres of underground Skytrain tunnel for the Evergreen line project.

The machine, sent piece by piece from Ontario and assembled in Coquitlam, is planned to connect to the site of the future Burquitlam Skytrain station, and will be a state of the art piece of machinery in terms of safety, autonomy, and speed.

Notwithstanding, digging this section of underground rail infrastructure will take at least a year, and should commence in early 2014 and therefore complete around the spring of 2015. This will only be once a large platform and launch pad is excavated, from where the machine will launch.

More about this update can be found here.