Plant Operator

IUOE 115 training Paving plant

Course Length

3 Weeks. This course is not currently scheduled for 2018. However, training may be arranged if there is interest from members or signatory employers.

Job Description

Plant Operators are persons who are responsible for the daily operation of one or more of the following classifications of plants: aggregate, asphalt or concrete. Duties include the safe handling of materials (both raw and finished product), quality control, maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs. In newer plants, these duties are performed in a computerized environment. The Plant Operator may be required to relieve the loader operator.

Plant Operators must be physically capable of performing tasks in all types of weather, over long hours (including shift-work and out of town) in a hazardous environment (high voltage, moving components such as gears and conveyors) and under the stress of production demands.

Plant Operators will also possess good interpersonal and communications skills in order to facilitate dealings with suppliers, clients, consultants, co-workers and all levels of management. Demonstrated mechanical and electrical aptitudes are both essential to becoming a Plant Operator.

Course Outline

The course contains the following content:

  • Introduction/Orientation
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Safety
  • Environmental Concerns
  • Loader Operation
  • Applicable Regulations
  • Principles of Operation
  • Welding
  • Plant Mechanical & Electrical Components
  • Raw Materials and Product


Program admission requirements are as follows:

  • Minimum 70% on the IUOETA Trades Assessment
  • Valid Drivers License
  • Minimum Grade 10 recommended

Level of Competency

The course will provide the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills for entry level into the trade. Further on-the-job experience will be required to advance to the position of Journey-person Plant Operator.

Course Fees 

Tuition:  $2,900

Books: $100

Total:  $3,000

Application & Examination Process

Students will write theory examinations and will also be assessed on job performance standards. Punctuality, attendance and attitude will also be considered in determining the final course grade.

Successful completion (70%) of the OETA Trade Assessment Examination is required for this course. Examinations are scheduled by the OETP at any Operating Engineer’s offices.

Examination subject areas are:

  • Math Foundations (possible score—15/60)
  • Industry Related Problems (possible score—21/60)
  • Problem Sets (possible score—24/60)

Wallet cards and certificates of completion will be issued upon successful completion of the course.

If you are interested in this program, contact the Training Association office and obtain an Application for Training package. Complete the package and submit it to the nearest Operating Engineers Office to be forwarded to the Operating Engineers Training Association. Applications will be submitted to the IUOE 115 Training Coordinator for review.

Include with your application a resume, appropriate reference materials, a copy of your Driver’s abstract and/or license, and any other supporting or reference material.

Qualified applicant files will go before a selection committee. Successful applicants will be assigned to the class upon confirmation of their ability to attend.