IUOE Local 115 welcomes move on repealing Bill C-377

Government of Canada has waived reporting requirements for Bill C-377 in response to widespread union activism.

BURNABY — IUOE Local 115 and the Canadian Labour Movement welcomes the news of the Federal Government maintaining their election commitment to repeal anti-worker legislation, Bill C-377.

Thanks to the efforts of Operating Engineers and other unions across the country, Minister MaryAnn Mihychuk announced on December 21st labour organizations will not have to comply with onerous reporting requirements of the unconstitutional Bill C-377.  The new Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour also identified repealing that bill as one of her mandated priorities.

IUOE Local 115 worked tirelessly with other unions in Canada to lobby the previous Federal government not to go forward with the bill, which brought up serious privacy concerns.  “Under Bill C-377, labour organizations and trusts would have been required to track all activities and publicly disclose financial information from December 31st, 2015 onward,” says IUOE Local 115 Business Manager Brian Cochrane, adding he applauds Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for keeping his election promise and moving forward with repealing Bill C377 in 2016.

Cochrane says he hopes the Liberals will also repeal Bill C-525, which made it harder to hold a certification vote and opened the door to union decertification with a minority vote.