Executive Board

“A union’s true strength is in its leadership just as much as its members”



With years of experience in the union movement, IUOE Local 115’s Executive Board works to make sure members’ best interests are at the forefront of decision making.

Meet our Executive Board:



Brian Cochrane, Business Manager








Wayne Mills


Wayne Mills, President









Herb Conat


Herb Conat, Vice President









Brian Lefebvre


Brian Lefebvre, Recording Secretary









Don Swerdan


Don Swerdan, Financial Secretary









Frank Carr


Frank Carr, Treasurer









Tom Kinnear, Guard

Doug Fisher, Conductor


Brett Chapman
Bryan Salema
Curtis Wright


Chip Dhaliwal
Goretti Guibault
Don Swerdan

District Executive Board:

1 – Al Cooper
2 – Curtis Harold
3 – Frankie Potvin
4 – Wayne Kemp
5 – Dan McPhee
6 – Rob Foskett

To contact any of the above Executive Board members call 604-291-8831 or email iuoe@iuoe115.ca.