Jobs for Northern BC


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Are you a skilled trade worker or Operating Engineer who would like to work on a project in Northern BC?

Would you like work at the Site C dam or in the BC Northwest under a union agreement that includes fair wages, benefits, pension contributions and high workplace safety standards?

IUOE Local 115 is working hard to make sure British Columbians come first when it comes to hiring for taxpayer-funded projects in our province. We are committed to ensuring that local communities benefit as we build resource and other projects in our province in 2018 and beyond.

If you are interested in a construction job in northern BC, fill out our registration form.  If you appear to be qualified for a job on an Operating Engineers project, we will contact you to get further details.

Qualified applicants will be entered into the IUOE 115 employment database, and may receive a job offer depending on our hiring needs.